Solomon's United Church of Christ

"the church on a mission"


The Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of church council officers. They work with all members of the staff.

Spiritual Life

The spiritual life committee works with the pastor for the spiritual well-being of the members.

Worship Committee

The worship committee works with pastor, organist and choir director in planning the worship services.

Altar Guild

The altar guild is responsible for the appearance of the chancel area.

Christian Education

The Christian education committee is responsible for the Sunday School program and also for Christian education of all the members of the church.

Youth Committee

The youth committee is responsible for youth activities and fundraisers.


The property committee is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all the church’s properties.

Memorial Garden

The memorial garden committee is responsible to plant and care for the flowers planted in the memorial garden.

Parish Life

The parish life committee does the work of stewardship and evangelism.

Communications/Public Relations

The communications/publich relations committee is responsible for spreading the news of Solomon’s to its members and the community.

Newsletter Support Staff

The newsletter support staff helps in mailing the church newsletter and other church mailings.

Finance and Budget

The finance and budget committee is responsible for overseeing the financial records of the church. The committee prepares the church budget.

Special Events

The special events committee plans and prepares varous fellowships and special activities, such as chicken barbeques, and chicken pies, etc.

Luncheon Committee


Pastor Parish Relations Committee

The purpose of the pastor parish relations committee is:

  • To assist the Pastor in becoming better acquainted with the church, its members, and the community.
  • To assist the church in maintaining good relations between the pastor and parish.
  • To serve as an advisory group to the pastor.
  • To identify areas of conflict in an early stage and assist the parties involved in resolving their differences.

Web site Committee

The purpose of the Web site committee is to share with our members and community:

  • Our church’s mission.
  • Current news.
  • Memories, celebrations, and joys.

The Good Shepherd